Awards Criteria

The evaluation bases on the integral formation that UDEMUN seeks to foment and develop during the last three days of the event. Hence, the mission and vision are the components that conform the evaluation criteria:

1. Knowledge.

The delegate achieves an accurate presentation of the country’s diplomatic style; delegates should not model inappropriate stereotypes. The delegate shows perfect understanding of his/her country and of the two topics.

2. Participation.

The best delegate is the one that has the most points in the Evaluation Rubrics in both formal and informal debate (Moderated and Un-moderated debate). It is important to consider the quality and relevance of the arguments.

3. Parliamentary Procedure.

The best delegate uses in an excellent way the rules and procedures established by the model.

4. Role on the Resolution.

The best delegate should have an active and positive attitude towards the committee’s resolution. He/she encourages others to participate.

5. Debate is always positive.

The best delegate works to achieve international cooperation and seeks for peaceful solutions, besides showing diplomacy throughout the debate.

6. Leadership.

The best delegate is always promoting nations to work together. He/she proposes excellent solutions and promotes teamwork.

7. Position Paper.

The best delegate should have an outstanding position paper that has been read during any of the sessions.

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